Joy Candle
Joy Candle

Joy Candle

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  • Debuts on August 15th

Welcome the essence of holiday cheer into your home with our Joy candle, a fragrant embodiment of the season's delight. This candle combines the lively scent of fresh cut blue spruce, the deep woodsy aroma of fir balsam, the cozy blend of spiced winter fruits, and the clean elegance of white musk. Each light fills your room with a merry and bright atmosphere, perfect for festive moments.

Top Notes:

  • Fresh Cut Blue Spruce: A lively, green scent reminiscent of freshly trimmed trees.

Middle Notes:

  • Fir Balsam: A deep, woodsy note that evokes the sweetness of fir trees and their aromatic resin.
  • Spiced Winter Fruits: A blend of holiday fruits with hints of cinnamon and clove, suggesting a bubbling pot of mulled wine.

Base Notes:

  • White Musk: A clean, delicate base note that adds a whisper of elegance and a smooth finish.

6 ounces | 171 grams

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