Happy Winter Candle
Happy Winter Candle

Happy Winter Candle

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  • Debuts on August 15th

Our Happy Winter candle captures the essence of a frosty winter day with a playful blend of scents. Imagine the crispness of snow-dusted evergreens, the refreshing burst of peppermint, and a surprising hint of carrot—perfect for Blitzen’s snack! This delightful fragrance starts with invigorating evergreen and citrus, followed by creamy peppermint, and finishes with earthy mossy green, creating a fun and comforting holiday candle.

Top Notes:

  • Crisp Evergreen & Slight Citrus: A refreshing and invigorating start.

Middle Notes:

  • Creamy Peppermint: Adds a cool, minty freshness.

Base Notes:

  • Earthy Mossy Green: Grounds the scent with a natural, earthy finish.

9 ounces | 255 grams

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