High Tide Candle
High Tide Candle
High Tide Candle
High Tide Candle

High Tide Candle

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Embark on a coastal journey with our High Tide candle, evoking the open sea's clarity and freshness through airy ozone, vibrant citrus, crisp sea salt, and the soft floral touch of jasmine, all resting on a smooth base of light musk. This candle is your personal escape to the soothing shores, capturing the essence and rhythm of the waves in a scent perfect for those longing for a seaside retreat.

Top Notes:

  • Ozone: A clean, airy note, evoking a sense of clarity and freshness.
  • Citrus: A bright, lively scent that adds an uplifting splash of energy.

Middle Notes:

  • Sea Salt: The essence of the ocean, this note brings a crisp, natural minerality that enhances the candle's fresh seaside vibe.
  • Jasmine: A soft, floral aroma that introduces a hint of sweetness, suggesting the presence of blooming coastal flowers.

Base Notes:

  • Light Musk: A subtle, understated note that provides a smooth, soft finish, giving the fragrance a clean, enduring base.

6 ounces | 170 grams

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